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  • When Don Bailey spoke with Gut Check about the opening of Evangeline's Bistro and Music House (512 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-3644), he was adamant that he does not consider himself a chef. Be that as it may, the Millstadt, Illinois, restaurateur knows how to cook up some serious Cajun food, honing his craft in the Big Easy, post-Katrina. Bailey is quite a storyteller. Get him going, and... More on Evangeline's »

  • Soulard Blues Band Monday, April 21, 9 p.m. @ Broadway Oyster Bar - $6 By RFT Staff The Soulard Blues Band has gigged around town for more than 25 years. Most notably, its weekly residency at Broadway Oyster Bar perfectly accompanies the Southern-themed vibe complete with booze and Cajun food. Bassist and sole remaining founder Art Dwyer, a blues aficionado on local community radio station... More on Broadway Oyster Bar »

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