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Go meat-free in Seattle on Voice Places. With professional and user reviews and searchable restaurant listings, we’re your easy-to-use guide to local vegetarian cuisine.

Vegetarian in Seattle

  • Wayward Vegan Cafe
    1 review
    5253 University Way N.E. | University District

    Wayward, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, isn't just a vegan cafe, it's one of Seattle's only collectively run restaurants. Your cook may have a pierced septum, and your waitress may be... More on Wayward Vegan Cafe »

  • Georgetown Liquor Company
    5 reviews
    5501B Airport Way S. | Georgetown

    This liquored-up vegetarian den is where you would have eaten if you grew up a little punk-rock, obsessed with Atari, and determined not to kill critters for sustenance. Its stark brick walls and... More on Georgetown Liquor Company »

  • Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe
    3 reviews
    4757 12th Ave. N.E. | University District

    This restaurant, coffeehouse, and juice bar, whose menu is "approximately 99 percent organic" and 99 percent vegan, serves good sandwiches, entrées, and desserts. About half of the restaurant's... More on Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe »

  • Sutra
    1 review
    1605 N. 45th St. | Wallingford

    As you might deduce from its name, Sutra is a vegetarian restaurant. A mostly vegan, mostly organic restaurant connected to a yoga studio, no less, with its own garden and worm composting bins and... More on Sutra »

  • Cafe Flora
    1 review
    2901 E. Madison St. | Madison Valley & Madison Park

    From the outside, Madison Park's Cafe Flora looks a little like a converted greenhouse, which is a savvy marketing strategy: sidewalk bystanders can peek right in and check out what everyone's... More on Cafe Flora »

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  • Bamboo Garden
    1 review
    364 Roy St. | Queen Anne

    Conveniently located for the theatergoing crowd, this one-room Chinese restaurant serves two main dining constituencies (vegetarians and people who keep kosher) with a wide array of dishes... More on Bamboo Garden »

  • Carmelita
    2 reviews
    7314 Greenwood Ave. N. | Greenwood & Phinney Ridge

    Cauliflower does not get the love it deserves. Long lumped by picky children into the same category as Brussels sprouts and lima beans, it rarely makes a menu at all, let alone earns center stage.... More on Carmelita »

  • Cafe Happy
    102 Kirkland Ave. | Kirkland

    The flavors at this Chinese-influenced vegetarian spot are so rich that you won't miss a thing. The soya-protein sweet and sour "fish" isn't going to fool anybody, but will fill you up nicely.... More on Cafe Happy »

  • Silence-Heart-Nest
    3508 Fremont Place N. | Fremont

    Since moving to downtown Fremont, this vegetarian haven, formerly located on the sketchy north end of University Way, has thrived. The buttery hollandaise sauce on a veggie eggs Benedict adds the... More on Silence-Heart-Nest »

  • My Sweet Lord
    5521 University Way N.E. | University District

    This Hare Krishna eatery is nothing if not unique. Meals are served free, though the cooks ask for donations, and nearly everything is vegan. The overarching culinary influence is Indian: soup,... More on My Sweet Lord »

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