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Secret Improv Society
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Secret Improv Society

10:00 p.m. every Sat. @ Shelton Theater


This city's theater scene is chock-full of improv. Whether you're new to it or a grizzled veteran, you won't have to hunt too long to find a venue. Each Friday and Saturday night, the Shelton Theatre hosts its own brand of "secret" improv theater. The stage at the Shelton has given such luminaries as Danny Glover and Francis Ford Coppola a venue. They've got their own vets on hand for the shows, plus a new guest from San Francisco's scene each week. Come to watch (there's an open bar!), or try your hand at performance. Of course, there's audience contribution, so writer's block -- or actor's block, as it were -- shouldn't be a problem.

— By Chris Torres

Price: $17 advance

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