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Tracking down Turkish cuisine in New York is a delight on Voice Places. Our professional and user reviews and easily searchable listings are all you need to plan your next meal.

Turkish in New York

  • Hazar
    7224 5th Ave. | Brooklyn

    Located in the same space as the late lamented Damascus Gate, with French doors that open onto the street, Hazar is a Turkish joint with a menu not all that different from its Syrian predecessor.... More on Hazar »

  • Liman
    2710 Emmons Ave. | Sheepshead Bay

    The ramshackle premises teeters on the edge of Sheepshead Bay-though don"t expect any views of the water. Rather, find wonderfully fresh seafood, much of it either farm-raised in the Mediterranean... More on Liman »

  • Marmaris
    3081 Emmons Ave. | Brooklyn

    Nowadays, the best and cheapest places to get whole fish well-cooked are the Turkish seafood restaurants of Sheepshead Bay, of which there are currently three (the others: Liman and Halikarnas).... More on Marmaris »

  • ABA Turkish Restaurant
    325 W. 57th St. | West 50s

    Istanbul Cafe is a warm, comfortable Turkish restaurant and bakery. In the afternoons, tables of men linger over glasses of sweet mint tea and a dessert or two. Although lamb and beef are cooked... More on ABA Turkish Restaurant »

  • Troy
    539 Ninth Ave. | West 40s

    You won't find Brad Pitt in a chain mail miniskirt, but you will find the food fresh and refreshing at this Turkish spot. The baba has been made from toasted eggplant, giving it a smoky taste, and... More on Troy »

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  • Sahara Restaurant
    2337 Coney Island Ave. | Gravesend

    Pick this Midwood Turk and enjoy the bizarre wall-sized mural (bigger-than-life tents, camels, and belly-dancers) in addition to some of the best kebabs in town. Our favorite is the beyti... More on Sahara Restaurant »

  • Arzu
    101-05 67th Road | Flushing

    The city's second Uyghur restaurant-referring to a Turkic people in the Chinese province of Xinjiang-has opened just off Queens Boulevard. The menu features the usual Silk Road stuff: homemade... More on Arzu »

  • Akdeniz Turkish Cuisine
    19 W. 46th St. | West 40s

    We felt lucky to stumble on this Turkish spot, whose doors were flung open on a warm afternoon to reveal an inviting pastel interior just below street level. We plowed through a half-dozen mezze,... More on Akdeniz Turkish Cuisine »

  • Balkanika
    691 9th Ave. | West 40s

    Let’s say you wanted a meal consisting mainly of vegetables – Balkanika, specializing in the cuisines of the Eastern European Balkan Peninsula would be a good choice. Take a peak into the... More on Balkanika »

  • Ali Baba
    212 E. 34th St. | Murray Hill

    What looks like a fast-food joint from the outside turns out to be an excellent and rather formal restaurant inside, a perfect date spot with its convincing fake fireplace. The ambitious menu... More on Ali Baba »

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