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Feel like a slice? Voice Places features professional reviews from New York’s most respected critics and user reviews from the city’s most opinionated pizza lovers, so you can always find what you’re hungry for. Deep-dish, thin-crust or anything in between, we’ve got it, easily searchable by restaurant name or by neighborhood!

Pizza in New York

  • Pete Zaaz
    766 Classon Ave. | Brooklyn

    Zaaz doesn’t peddle the kinds of pies you find elsewhere in the borough – except maybe the one called “Brooklyn,” which features tomato sauce and excellent mozzarella, only substituting marjoram... More on Pete Zaaz »

  • Saraghina
    435 Halsey Ave. | Brooklyn

    This newfangled pizza parlor, run by Italians from Emilia-Romagna, came as a surprise in Stuyvesant Heights, but the neighborhood has clasped the restaurant to its bosom (the owners live just down... More on Saraghina »

  • John's of Bleecker Street
    278 Bleecker St. | West Village

    Don't even think of going to any of the other Johnny-come-lately branches of this august Greenwich Village institution--only the original turns out superlative thin-crust pies. Order the... More on John's of Bleecker Street »

  • Juliana's
    19 Old Fulton St. | Brooklyn

    Pizza royalty Patsy Grimaldi returns to Brooklyn’s pizza scene at the age of 81 with Juliana’s. It might sound late for a comeback, but this pie legend’s still got it. The pizza at Juliana’s is... More on Juliana's »

  • Co.
    230 9th Ave. | Chelsea

    Those who've grooved on Jim Lahey's vegetable-topped sheet pizzas at Sullivan Street Bakery (now located in Hell's Kitchen), won't recognize the products of this Roman-style pizzeria. Even the... More on Co. »

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  • Two Boots Pizza
    42 Ave. A | East Village

    When it comes to pizza in New York, there's generally that which you compare to pizza in Italy, and then there's pizza-New York pizza. Two Boots is the small but fanatic third party of pizza. Many... More on Two Boots Pizza »

  • Tony & Tina's Pizza
    2483 Arthur Ave. | Bronx

    Skip the pizza. The real strength of this corner pizzeria lies in its Albanian food, including a homemade yogurt-$1 per 8-ounce cup-that's as good as any in the city, tart and thick and coarse.... More on Tony & Tina's Pizza »

  • Lil' Frankie's Pizza
    19 First Ave. | East Village

    The second project of the Frank's empire is superior in many ways, especially the wood-oven pizzas (pick the polpettine, littered with tiny sage meatballs) and the modest selection of roast... More on Lil' Frankie's Pizza »

  • Market Café
    496 Ninth Ave. | Garment District

    Though nominally a French bistro, the long-running Market Café also proffers a menu of delicious individual pizzas (our favorite: clam and mozzarella) and formidable pasta choices, in addition to... More on Market Café »

  • Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria
    282 Bowery | Nolita

    Keith McNally's Bowery venture features two wood-burning ovens, whence come almost everything on the menu save the antipasti and charcuterie. Pizzas are the focus, ranging from a simple margherita... More on Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria »

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