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From checked tablecloths and red sauce to upscale osso buco, Voice Places is New York’s guide to Italian cuisine. Type in a restaurant name, search by neighborhood, or browse our hundreds of professional reviews and user reviews to find the place that’s perfect for you!

Italian in New York

  • The Meatball Shop
    84 Stanton St. | Lower East Side

    The economy's downturn has elevated so many dishes that were considered below our notice before. Now the humble meatball comes rolling our way, exulted to the level of a glamorous entrée. Check... More on The Meatball Shop »

  • Scarpetta
    355 W. 14th St. | Meatpacking District

    After carefully honing his menu at L'Impero and Alto, chef Scott Conant has mastered his repertoire of adapted Italian dishes -- many from northern areas like Alto Adige -- to a fine sheen.... More on Scarpetta »

  • Del Posto
    85 Tenth Ave. | West Village

    This Batali spawn outdoes Babbo in several significant ways. In size, certainly, though the effect of the hulking space is to increase the serenity level rather than reduce it. As a piano tinkled... More on Del Posto »

  • Rosemary's
    18 Greenwich Ave. | West Village

    Sired by Bobo, Rosemary's is a Village restaurant that represents the evolution of the Italian menu in the city over the last few decades, a period from which we emerged from a world of red-sauced... More on Rosemary's »

  • Malatesta Trattoria
    649 Washington St. | West Village

    Plastered with pulp fiction covers, and located at the creepy end of Christopher, Malatesta enjoys the perfect location for its raffish food, which hails from the poorer southward part of... More on Malatesta Trattoria »

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  • Ai Fiori
    400 Fifth Ave. | Murray Hill

    Go big or go home must have been Michael White's thinking when he opened the sleek Ai Fiori on the second floor of the Setai Hotel just a few months after debuting Osteria Morini. Luxury abounds... More on Ai Fiori »

  • Ferdinando's Focacceria
    151 Union St. | Brooklyn

    Nearly a century old, this antique focacceria is proof that Sicilians landed in Brooklyn at the same time as Neapolitans; a potbellied stove is still the center of attention. The favorite snack is... More on Ferdinando's Focacceria »

  • Perla
    24 Minetta Lane | Soho

    The framed portrait of Mos Def clues diners in to the obvious fact: this refined Italian restaurant is doing things a little differently. Gabe Stulman expands his West Village-based Little Wisco... More on Perla »

  • Lupa
    170 Thompson St. | Greenwich Village

    A revisit to Lupa--Batali/Bastianich's first foray into the restaurant biz a decade ago--shows a menu just as vigorous and inquisitive as it was when this Osteria Romana ("Roman Inn") first opened... More on Lupa »

  • Lievito
    581 Hudson St. | West Village

    With owners from Florence and Milan, Lievito ("Yeast" or "Leavening") is a full-blown Italian restaurant masquerading as a pizza parlor. The wine list alone merits a visit, and the pizzas are... More on Lievito »

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