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Voice Places is the fast way to find to Israeli cuisine in New York. Professional and user reviews let you know whose hummus is worth singing about, and our restaurant listings are searchable by name or neighborhood.

Israeli in New York

  • Gazala Place
    709 Ninth Ave. | West 40s

    According to chef Halabi Gazala, Gazala Place is the only Druze restaurant in the United States. Druze are an insular tribe that spreads across the Middle East (the chef grew up in Israel),... More on Gazala Place »

  • Mamoun's Falafel
    119 MacDougal St. | Greenwich Village

    Falafels descended on us like miniature spaceships in 1971, when this joint opened. The effect was immediate and lasting. Today there is still a line of cheap Middle Eastern places to prove it.... More on Mamoun's Falafel »

  • Chick P
    490 Bergen St. | Brooklyn

    This unassuming little Israeli spot is tucked around a corner across from a police station and a stone’s throw from the Barclays Center in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. It specializes in Sephardic... More on Chick P »

  • Schnitzel King
    1720 Coney Island Ave. | Brooklyn

    In the Hall of the Schnitzel King the frying oil bubbles merrily, and into it fly the breaded chicken schnitzels. Fried to crispness, they're deposited on a baguette smeared with a sauce of your... More on Schnitzel King »

  • 515 Amsterdam Ave. | West 80s

    Minuscule in size, supremely well organized, and friendly to boot, Alibaba is the Upper West's best cheap eatery. The glatt kosher menu offers Israeli fare, including a memorably moist turkey... More on Alibaba »

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  • Azuri Cafe
    465 W. 51st St. | West 50s

    Flat like a flying saucer, studded with extra sesame seeds for added crunch, and cooked long enough to not be mushy in the middle, Azuri CafĂ©'s falafel are generally regarded as the best in town,... More on Azuri Cafe »

  • Taam Tov
    46 W. 47th St. | West 40s

    This venerable (two years old!) diamond district kosher Bukharan has hopped across the street to fancier digs, and the new place has a (gasp!) dining terrace overlooking the action on the street,... More on Taam Tov »

  • Maoz
    1 review
    38 Union Square E. | Union Square

    Maybe falafel was alien to Amsterdam when this chain introduced it there in 1991, but we've had it much longer, courtesy of Lebanese and Israeli immigrants. Still, this fast food franchise is... More on Maoz »

  • Presstoast
    112 MacDougal St. | Greenwich Village

    Tired of paninis and Cubanos? Well, this tiny counter offers an Israeli spin on pressed sandwiches. Among them find the exemplary Israeli toast, a squished steaming mass of Swiss cheese, black... More on Presstoast »

  • Yaffa Cafe
    97 St. Marks Place | East Village

    For all practical purposes Yaffa is an East Village diner: it's "open always," pretty cheap, and has pleasant wait staff. Unlike a diner, though, if you forge through the dark and intimate dining... More on Yaffa Cafe »

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