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From Cape to Cairo, Voice Places is your guide to African cuisine in New York. You’ll find reviews from both seasoned critics and fellow users, and our listings are easily searchable by cuisine type, restaurant name or neighborhood!

African in New York

  • A Taste of Seafood
    59 E. 125th St. | East Harlem

    This palace of fried seafood leapfrogged over 125th Street recently into glamorous new digs. Thankfully, the fried whiting sandwich is as good as ever: three crisp, lightly breaded fillets... More on A Taste of Seafood »

  • Mataheko
    144-7 Jamaica Ave. | Jamaica

    The food of West Africa is a fascinating departure from what you're probably used to. In Ghana, a mashed starch is paired with a "soup"--which is more of a stew. You dip wads of starch into the... More on Mataheko »

  • African Grill
    2041 Davidson Ave. | Bronx

    This prime corner spot on Burnside Avenue in hilly Morris Heights (looks like San Francisco!) offers what is probably the world's largest African steam table, over 50 feet in length. That means... More on African Grill »

  • Fatima
    789 Franklin Ave. | Prospect Heights

    The leaf-based sauces of Guinea are indeed thrilling, like what Popeye shot into his mouth, only better. Whether made with sweet-potato leaves, spinach, or manioc foliage at Fatima, these... More on Fatima »

  • B.B. African and American Restaurant
    1715 Webster Ave. | Bronx

    The fare of Sierra Leone isn't all that different from that of its neighbor, Guinea. Discover both cuisines at B.B. African and American Restaurant, where peanut is king, and where a particularly... More on B.B. African and American Restaurant »

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  • Xai Xai Wine Bar
    365 W. 51st St. | West 50s

    If you're tired of wine bars that specialize in Italian or French wines, Xai Xai provides relief. The entire list of this Theatre District establishment, named after a beach resort in Mozambique,... More on Xai Xai Wine Bar »

  • 187-13 Linden Blvd. | St Albans

    Hidden in the basement of this West African store-a jumble of chew sticks, wonderful small roasted peanuts in salvaged colonial booze bottles, stockfish pitched into cardboard boxes, and other... More on Icons Afro-West »

  • Braai
    329 W. 51st St. | West 50s

    Bamboo lines the ceiling and driftwood collected along the Hudson River bank is scattered around Braai. From the same folks who own Xai Xai Wine Bar down the street, the Hell's... More on Braai »

  • Awash
    947 Amsterdam Ave. | West 100s

    Though located on Indian Row in the Upper West Side, Awash serves down-to-the-boiled-egg authentic Ethiopian in a somewhat upscale, unassuming space that serves one purpose: seating people to eat... More on Awash »

  • Nomad
    78 Second Ave. | East Village

    The brik alone makes this new North African worth a visit, a half-moon turnover fashioned from flaky warka pastry, filled with tuna, capers, parsley, and an egg that gets cooked as the brik fries.... More on Nomad »

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