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Gay Bars and Clubs

Find gay bars and clubs in New York with Voice Places reviews and recommendations.

Gay Bars and Clubs in New York

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  • Beauty Bar
    231 E. 14th St. | Greenwich Village

    This is the only bar where you can have a gin & tonic while getting your nails done (but not your hair did, alas). No joke: This place offers a $10 manicure-plus-martini deal. File those claws... More on Beauty Bar »

  • Metropolitan
    559 Lorimer St. | Brooklyn

    Faux-hawks, vintage tees, and studded belts prevail in the enormous backyard at this Billyburg locale. The latticework and wood decking juxtaposed with all the tattoos resemble a boathouse at some... More on Metropolitan »

  • Pieces Bar
    8 Christopher St. | West Village

    Pieces used to be a notorious hustler bar in the a70s, but now itas a little house of cutesy fun. Positioned right in the center of the old gay ghetto, it has something going on every night of the... More on Pieces Bar »

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  • Barracuda
    275 W. 22nd St. | Chelsea

    Departing somewhat from the standard underlying cruisiness of your average gay bar, Barracuda strikes a relaxed pose between fun and stylish. Comprising a well-lit back room stocked with ample... More on Barracuda »

  • Roseland Ballroom
    239 W. 52nd St. | West 50s

    Roseland plays host to classic-rock luminaries and popular, touring, modern-rock acts not quite ready for the arena. But, because it holds more than 3,000 people and has security goons and lines... More on Roseland Ballroom »

  • Boots and Saddle
    76 Christopher St. | West Village

    While it's unlikely you'll find an actual cowboy in this relaxed gay cruise hangout, it isn't unheard of to find someone who's interested in pretending to be oneaat least for the evening. ... More on Boots and Saddle »

  • Industry
    355 W. 52nd St. | West 50s

    A spacious, modern dance club, Industry is busy every night of the week. This Hell's Kitchen gay bar is known for its diverse crowd, reasonably priced drinks, and unique layout that includes a... More on Industry »

  • The Hangar
    115 Christopher St. | West Village

    Always uncomfortably crowded, the Hangar is a default destination for cute gay men looking for temporary, vaguely fulfilling love/sex. Greasy snacks, a pool table and lots of seating encourage... More on The Hangar »

  • B Bar & Grill
    40 E. 4th St. | Noho

    A blue-and-red neon sign outside B's announces three of its main components--cafe, bar, and grill--but still manages to exclude a lot. Behind the white brick wall, you'll find a quaint patio and... More on B Bar & Grill »

  • The Box
    189 Chrystie St. | Lower East Side

    Fashioned from a renovated 1930's sign factory, the Box is like one of those fabled, flapper-cluttered Gatsby parties--with the addition of burlesque dancers, circus oddities, and other strange... More on The Box »

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