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Getting your pho fix in Minneapolis / St. Paul is a breeze on Voice Places, where Vietnamese cuisine is searchable by neighborhood or restaurant name. Our professional and user reviews give you the information you need to make a smart choice.

Vietnamese in Minneapolis / St. Paul

  • Jasmine Deli
    2532 Nicollet Ave. S. | Uptown/ Eat Street

    A snazzy, five-table little deli right in the middle of the sweet spot of Eat Street, the Jasmine Deli is the sweet spot of choice for much of the Vietnamese community. Put a Vietnamese coffee on... More on Jasmine Deli »

  • World Street Kitchen
    2743 Lyndale Avenue S. | Uptown/ Eat Street

    The brick-and-mortar version of Sameh Wadi’s fabulous food truck, Uptown’s World Street Kitchen is the king of global mash-ups like creamy Thai red curry wrapped in a burrito; a Moroccan-inspired... More on World Street Kitchen »

  • Quang Restaurant
    2719 Nicollet Ave. S. | Uptown/ Eat Street

    Quang owner, chef, and mastermind Mrs. Truong has done more to introduce real Vietnamese cooking to Twin Citizens than anyone in town. When she opened her deli in a closet of a Nicollet Avenue... More on Quang Restaurant »

  • Ngon Bistro
    799 University Ave. | Macalester/Groveland

    Elegant as lace curtains, Ngon Bistro is a Frogtown Vietnamese restaurant for the next generation: Consider the lace curtains, pretty acres of which blanket the sunny front windows--those are just... More on Ngon Bistro »

  • Jasmine 26
    8 E. 26th St. | Uptown/ Eat Street

    The sleek, swanky sister of Jasmine Deli, 26 looks more like it should be related to Azia, with its dark walls, contemporary lighting, and hand-carved Buddha behind the bar. The menu offerings... More on Jasmine 26 »

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  • Pho Tau Bay
    2837 Nicollet Ave. S. | Uptown/ Eat Street

    Some like it because of all that parking and the fact that you can always get a table while suckers wait in lines at Quang; others just like it because it's got the best pho west of the river.... More on Pho Tau Bay »

  • Mai Village
    394 W. University Ave. | Como

    The first million-dollar Vietnamese restaurant in Minnesota is a cultural event no matter how you cut it. So when you cross over the hand-carved wooden bridge at the entrance of Mai Village, and... More on Mai Village »

  • Saigon Restaurant and Bakery
    704 University Ave. | Como

    Banh mi are Vietnamese submarine sandwiches built on airy French baguettes swiped with mayonnaise. They usually contain pate, as well as some variety of meats topped with sweet pickled carrots and... More on Saigon Restaurant and Bakery »

  • Trieu Chau Restaurant
    500 University Ave. | Como

    Although it looks like a waffle house, don't fear. They've gotauthentic Vietnamese with great soups that real do eat like ameal, lots of fixings like hot sauce, limes, and cilantro, and anexotic... More on Trieu Chau Restaurant »

  • Que Nha
    849 University Ave. W. | Macalester/Groveland

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