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  • Last week, menswear boutique Cottage packed in a party of people so tight any fire marshal would be skeptical. It was a lively Spring/Summer trunk show hosted by trendsetting New York designer Michael Bastian. Legions of fervent admirers appraised and gushed over pieces like the Ben Sweater - a boiled cashmere pullover with a classic fit. Name-dropping became an evening sport and the spot was... More on Cottage »

  • After 37 years of serving cafecitos on South Beach, David's Café is closing. The restaurant that provided sustenance on a 24-hour basis to everyone in Miami Beach -- from ragged hospitality workers needing a strong cup of energy on a graveyard shift to club kids not wanting to end the night to tourists getting their first sip of Miami's famous strong, black coladas -- is shutting its doors... More on David's Cafe »

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