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  • Snow has hit Houston for the summer. Snow ice, that is. It's a Taiwanese dessert that's been gaining popularity here in the Bayou City for the past few years, but in spite of its increasing adoration, many Houstonians still don't know much about it. The ice cream--for even though it looks like some sort of coral or ocean plant life, it is ice cream--was supposedly invented at the Shilin... More on Nu Cafe »

  • The setup: Murder Ballad began in an intimate venue in Manhattan and then moved to a much larger venue, but in both offered an "immersive" experience, as the audience is made in some ways part of the action on stage. TUTs Underground has achieved this in the 500-seat Zilkha hall by inviting the audience on stage, prior to the play beginning, installing a working bar in front at audience... More on Hobby Center for the Performing Arts »

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