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Parks and Outdoors in Houston

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  • The setup: Philip Barry's drawing-room comedy of manners, The Philadelphia Story, was a hit on Broadway in 1939, and was made into an award-winning film in 1940. Both starred Katharine Hepburn in a theatrical comeback after some box office disappointments. The execution: The Hepburn role of Tracy Lord Haven dominates the play, and is here portrayed by Jessica Riley, who is tall, slender,... More on University of Houston »

  • Ask any relatively intelligent American to throw out an Australian phrase, and he'll probably say either "G'day, mate," or "throw another shrimp on the barbie." This limited knowledge of Australian slang might lead one to think that Australians don't barbecue much other than shrimp, but this is, of course, not true. The Australian notion of barbecuing is akin to our idea of grilling--if you... More on Hermann Square Park »

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