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  • Do you have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask someone older and wiser than yourself? Do you feel like your lunch hour could be better spent than with water cooler American Idol conversation? Follow-up question: Does anyone still... More on Gallery Talk and Tea with the Monks >>

  • Friday 6:00 pm, April 18
    @ Texas Theatre

    Marijuana gained acceptance so fast that the country really doesn’t know what to make of it. We’ve got two states on the books that made recreational usage legal with more certain to follow their example. It wasn’t that long ago that we... More on Demonic Chronic 48-Hour Stoner Film Race >>

  • Recommended
    Dick Dale
    Friday 7:00 pm, April 18
    @ Trees

    Contrary to popular belief, Dick Dale's sound ranges beyond surf, metal and '60s hot-rod music. Before he revolutionized electric guitar at the Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa, California, in the '50s and '60s, he discovered how to apply "accentuation of rhythms on... More on Dick Dale >>

  • Recommended
    Hit and Run 5k
    Saturday 9:00 am, April 19
    @ River Legacy Park

    Slapstick will always be funny whether it’s the Three Stooges pounding each other’s faces into hamburger meat or some schlub on a security camera falling into a mall fountain because they don’t possess the motor skills one needs to look at a cell phone and walk... More on Hit and Run 5k >>

  • Recommended
    Saturday 5:00 pm, April 19
    @ Texas Theatre

    Rumor has it that to snag his role in Nymphomaniac, Shia LaBeouf sent Lars von Trier a sex tape he made with a girlfriend. You can thank me for that excuse next time you try to talk your significant other into filming your intimate moments. Plus, if you’re creative enough,... More on HUMP! >>

  • Recommended
    Image Passing
    Saturday 6:00 pm, April 19
    @ Liliana Bloch Gallery

    Traveling is not the same. Memories from trips blur together, lost amongst the thousands of photos uploaded to Instagram. Nobody uses printed pictures anymore to capture life’s more precious moments. Except perhaps professional photographers. Dallas artist Sally... More on Image Passing >>

  • Saturday 9:00 pm, April 19
    @ Lakewood Theater

    On one end of your block, there may be a neighbor who is devoutly religious, while just down the street, there might be a marathon runner, and two doors over a painter, then three blocks behind you a professional bull rider. The many varieties of human... More on Suscon's Flight to Spirit >>

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Demonic Chronic 48-Hour Stoner Film Race

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Social Science: Extreme
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Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Heavenly Patterns: The Nature of Islamic Art and Architecture
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Dallas Museum of Art Free
Dick Dale

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Latino Cultural Center
Billy Joe Shaver
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Geoff Hippenstiel: Murder Ballad
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Perot Museum of Nature and Science
"The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy"
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George W. Bush Presidential Library
Mizuno Lone Star Volleyball Classic
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Dallas Convention Center
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