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Seven Seas Karaoke Nights
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Seven Seas Karaoke Nights

Every Tue., Thu. @ Seven Seas


There’s something magical about Seven Seas Bar. Something more magical than David Blaine but a little less magical than a three-breasted mermaid whose third nip squirts out the cure for cancer. Perhaps it’s the cheap drinks, the ceiling tile plastered in random shoes, or the broken-toilet garden on the back patio. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s Seven Seas Bar’s karaoke nights. Held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., they’re so slamming that if Simon Cowell were present, he’d break his karaoke cherry and bust out Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” We’ve been to Miami’s fancier, hoity-toity lounges that dabble in karaoke, but we couldn’t stomach the syrupy cocktails or the 40-year-old dental hygienists’ shrill, tearful renditions of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” No, when our karaoke demon hankers for tunes, there’s no better place to belt out Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” than the grimy, nautical Seven Seas. There’s no cover, but the drinks needed to reveal your inner Sinatra cost some green.

— By Elyse Wanshel

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