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9:00 p.m. every Wed. @ America's Backyard


It is true -- when you sing karaoke at America's Backyard, you can be heard beyond Esplanade Park. That might not be baseball-stadium distance, but it sure the hell is close -- when it comes to karaoke. It's true that there is a backing band. That you get to sing on a stage. And surrounding that stage are six screens all sporting the lyrics to the songs. It's good that they really want you to sing along. But one TV at the bar will still dedicated to a sports game, and that's good for everybody. No fights will break out. For you, there is a table full of props: top hats, boas, plastic guitars. The MC is Ian, and he is the type of guy who hands out a free drink token to the singer who will sport the sparkly top hat and those plastic sunglasses that have slits so you can see through the "lenses." Ian is supportive. If you screw up, he will have your back. And we believe him -- because he makes sure everyone claps at the end of every song, because we've heard him sing back-up. Because he's a man who will play a fake saxophone balloon on stage. There's going to be a solid crowd here, and some of that crowd is always going to be attractive ladies -- usually tipsy and booty-dancing. Karaoke is from 9 to midnight at America's Backyard (100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale). No cover. Visit jointherevolution.com.

— By Mickie Centrone

Price: No cover

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