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  • Jan


    Pike Place Market: Score one for Seattle.
    Super Bowl Sunday cometh, which means you better clean out your smelly fridge to make room for all that beer and narrow down which pizza joint you're gonna order your gameday pies and wings from. Truth be told, though, we could sort of care less about the Seattle vs. Denver rivalry when it comes to football (everybody knows most people only watch for the commercials and the potential halftime show nip-slips anyway).

    No, the rivalry we're more concerned about is food-related: When it comes to culinary prowess, does Denver or Seattle reign supreme? According to Andrew Simmons of the LA Weekly's food blog, Squid Ink, "Seattle's culinary legacy dwarfs Denver's" by a mile.

    Let us examine what each city has to offer us, culinarily-speaking:
  • macaronsflickr.jpg
    Are you a macaron?
    2013 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of the Cronut, but there were also plenty of other trendy foods that made headlines last year: those cutesy cookies known as French macarons (one "o"!) and the addictive condiment sriracha that people get understandably obsessed over, to name a couple.

    The Dallas Observer's James Beard award-winning humor columnist Alice Laussade came up with a handy little quiz to help you figure out which obnoxious food trend you most closely identify with, because Lord knows we need more ways to procrastinate during the work day. Abandon that Candy Crush round for a moment and go take the quiz, which includes insightful questions such as "How many fingers am I holding up?"

    Head on over to City of Ate to find out: "Which Food Trend Are You?"
  • Jan


    Marit & Toomas Hiinosaar/Flickr
    The carb assault known as Chicago-style pizza.
    When it comes to vicious food rivalries, few matchups get as heated as the one between Chicago and New York's respective styles of pizzas. Chicagoans think they're so high and mighty with their four-inch thick slabs of cheese-and-meat-topped dough, while New Yorkers decry Chicago pizza as a travesty, a sad novelty in comparison to their beloved floppy slices that beg to be folded in half before being devoured on a street corner.

    Chicago-style pizza purveyor Emmett's bravely opened in SoHo to serve its bready wonder to New Yorkers, and naturally Chicago native, current New Yorker and Village Voice food blogger Nick Greene went over to investigate. First, though, he felt the need to pass on some important pizza knowledge to those uninitiated in the ways of the Chicago-style pizza. Go forth and learn, grasshoppers:
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